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Because life is always better when dancing: GANGNAM Style

20 Nov

Songs are always going to become hits when they are catchy and have a fun dance. I am sure I am not the only one that still remembers how to do the Macarena (though I’m too scared to ask the first years whether they do because that will definitely make us feel old). The current Macarena-like sensation, as we all know, comes to us from Korea in the form of the Gangnam style. It’s a fun, catchy dance but what I love more are the spin-offs. Here are 2: one that you’ll be familiar with from last night’s AMAs which was a mash-up of Gangnam style & MC Hammer (mash-up starts at 3:00 mark); the second one is from Eton College students, entitled Eton Style, in which they spoof their posh lifestyle (featuring their original works from Rousseau and Voltaire, and magnums of bubbly) at the famous school. I also love the upper-crust accent and the teacher pulling up in his Rolls to dance.


Eton Style:

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