….A few of my favourite things….

9 Jan

Forget the sashes, silver white winters… but keep the strudel.

As 2011 has now arrived, along with resolutions it is important to decide what parts of you and your life are going to come along for the ride.

So, when the dog bites, when the bee stings, and when I’m feeling sad, here are a few of my favourite things that are making the trip with me:

1) My Nikki

I love this purse which also served me well while travelling over the holidays. The leather is soft, supple, and smells amazing.

2) My Tiffany Ring

I put it on every day and besides the inevitable reminders to enjoy life (see previous posts) – the shine and simplicity always reminds me of who I am and adds a bit of class.

3) Jacqua’s (original) Buttercream Frosting lotions

Rich, thick, and smells divine. I was introduced to this product by a sorority sister; and when my parents took me to Los Angeles for my 21st birthday we drove through Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and I scoured both Fred Segal’s in search of them but they were sold out. Why? Because the warning on the label is true: “This product smells good enough to eat, but is not edible.”

4) L’Occitane Lavender & Verbena scents

I was introduced to these after a trip to the Beverly Hilton with my family. They immediately relax me and when I close my eyes I see the heavenly view over Whilshire Blvd. A relaxing hotel atmosphere in my dorm room. in 2011, what could be wrong with that?

5) Zara Winter Coat

After years of searching, I finally found the perfect winter coat which has been a stylish gift from heaven this winter. Unfortunately, the picture doesn’t do it justice.

What are you bringing with you to 2011?


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