Your morning inspiration :)

23 Nov

I hope you’re all hockey fans for today’s morning inspiration! I found this picture online after the 2010 Olympics and Canada had won gold in Men’s & Women’s hockey. I LOVED the quote they have here in the locker room: Leave No Doubt

What can you do today to ensure you leave no doubt about what you are good at, where you belong, how you should be treated, how much you can achieve, etc.

I remember reading a quote by Sidney Crosby (the athlete in the picture) where he mentioned that his parents always told him to work hard and had the idea that if he wanted to play in the NHL, be a #1 overall draft pick, or go to the Olympics working hard would make it easy for others to realize it. More specifically, by showing everyone that you are the best you leave no doubt and make it easy for them to realize that you should be chosen #1 and that you are indeed the best.(“Make it easy for them”)

So write it on your hand, in your day planner, or on a sticky next to your computer. Today, Leave No Doubt.


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