Get Blake Lively’s Chanel look!

21 Nov

Will be starting a new series on fashion icons and trendsetters and as a bit of a preview, thought I would share how to get one of the newest trendsetter’s look. Blake Lively has been all over the fashion magazines and I will admit that she knows how to put together an outfit (it’s only my lack of patience for her Gossip Girl character, Serena, that keeps me from being completely in love with her style).

While this is late, here is a way to get her couture look at your local shopping mall.

The original image:

This outfit paired a men’s chocolate brown sequin blazer from the Chanel Resort 2011 collection with a white men’s button down shirt, black shorts and Christian Louboutin Volnay 140 python sandals.

The one item that you might have difficulty copying is the blazer (obviously the python sandals are also an issue but you could easily find some nude pumps or even go with black stilettos), but this is no longer the case if you live near French Connection. For $298 (a complete bargain compared to the original Chanel but definitely an investment) you might want to check out the “Samantha Jacket“:

If Blake or alter-ego Serena Van Der Woodsen (who also pulled off this look as seen below) are your style icons then remember your credit card and head off to French Connection this Black Friday.


Serena dons a gold version of the Chanel blazer


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