Lanvin for H&M

19 Nov

So as you know, I was not a fan of the Lanvin for H&M collection when some of the pictures were first released. However, last night was the runway show and there were some looks that I really enjoyed. Have added them below (photos courtesy of Fashionista):

The model and set-up of this outfit aren't my style but I love the blazer, the belt, and the white handkerchief

Love, love, LOVE - (except for the red bowtie). Feels very much like YSL in terms of a female "smoking"

overall a disaster but like the material and cut of the blazer

Love but would replace the bowtie with a nicely tied, colourful scarf

According to interviews, the designers at Lanvin spent much more time than initially agreed upon working on the design of this collection. As a result, it is being billed not as highly priced H&M but low priced Lanvin. The designs will definitely not make it to H&Ms near me but if past collaborations are any indication, they will eventually find their way onto eBay.

Will the collection be making it to your local H&M? Let us know if you make any purchases!


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