Lagerfeld on Economics & Fashion Marketing

15 Nov

His thoughts on the geographical changes are interesting. However what strikes me are his comments on the importance of logos especially since, in my opinion, the overall appeal of logos has decreased. Most fashion elite shun the wearing of big logos and it is the ease of copying the interlocking C’s that has led an overall lack of desirability and, (dare I say it) a cheapening of the Chanel (and previously the Louis Vuitton) brand. So many people are now buying cheap  knock-offs featuring the interlocking C’s that, though a fashionista might be able to tell the difference, most cannot so why spend your money on something everyone else has a variation of (thinking, in this case, of the Chanel earrings and necklaces, Cambon bag, and the 2.55 which every scam artist and designer have now copied)?

One overly copied Chanel, the Chanel Cambon bag

I feel, and I am open to debate, that while there is a segment that will buy just to show that they own a label (and therefore want to show off the logos), the overwhelming majority of couture/high fashion clients don’t necessarily care about the larger population knowing what they are wearing but that their contemporaries know. In these situations, I see them gravitating to clothes and purses that by their very design (and without a screaming logo) state wealth, class, and good taste; examples being Hermes, Celine, and Proenza Schouler. Those in the know know when they see them and respect the choice, everyone else just envies that individual’s style.

Anyways, an interesting perspective. Your thoughts?

The Classic Kelly - not a logo in sight, but those who matter will know what you are carrying

The Proenza Schouler's PS1- highly sought-after, everyone in fashion recognizes it, no logo (loving this grey suede version!)


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