Want It!

14 Nov

Was flipping through this month’s Elle UK  at the bookstore when I came across this Chanel watch and one thought went through my head (ok…two): “wow” and “I want it!” Which led me to think that maybe I should start a new shopping segment.

Either way, check it out:

The one I like is the white one on the bottom of the photograph. According to the ad in Elle, it wraps around the wrist about two or three times which makes it both upscale/elegant and casual at the same time (in the ad it is worn with a leather jacket, I also see it with a sleek floor length evening gown).

It is from Chanel’s Première watch collection. It is made of 18k white gold, diamonds and ceramic. And, most importantly, it renders me speechless.

I have not bothered looking up the price, as long as I don’t know, I can dream.



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