14 Nov

I spoke before about how amazed I am at how quickly my vocabulary and my primary associations with word meanings have changed in only a few short months.

In class the other day, we were talking about “choking”. This word now automatically implies crumbling under pressure to me but there was a health student in our class who had the medical definition in mind and it took him a few seconds to figure out what we were going on about.

Choking is the athlete mental condition that aggravates me the most as I do not understand how someone can reach an elite level and not live for or thrive under pressure. It is something I can get very passionate about and will likely talk about often.

It is, however, well-documented that certain top level players will choke at high pressure/cost situations. A very salient example comes from the NHL this past week, courtesy of New Jersey Devil Kovalchuk, a very skilled, very highly paid hockey player who is now being referred to as “Kovalchoke” for the following mess:

Here is an article with more information: http://www.habsinsideout.com/main/39507




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