Your morning inspiration :) (otherwise known as every day needs a little Audrey and Grace)

10 Nov

My morning inspiration is devoted to all of my female readers 🙂 who might have not been as thrilled with the sports trend that my morning inspirations have been adopting.

You may remember awhile ago, my mentioning my inspirational model: Audrey Hepburn. If I had to choose another role model (in terms of teaching someone how to be a lady) it would be Grace Kelly.

I was very happy when I found a picture of these two fabulous ladies at the Oscars. It’s amazing how much you can learn in terms of elegance, femininity, and charm from a still photograph but in my opinion, with these two icons, it is more than possible.

Enjoy! And today, be inspired by these ladies: both in terms of their modelling how to be a lady, but also in terms of their devotion to those around them and those less fortunate.


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