Proposal vs proposal

8 Nov

It’s amazing how quickly one’s vocab changes as a result of his or her environment. As a 22 year old girl with a love of all things sparkly and Prince Charming, up until 2 months ago the word “proposal” would conjure up images of a handsome prince, champagne, violins, champagne, candlelight, champagne, everlasting love, champagne, and a gorgeous sparkling diamond (…and more champagne).

Today, two months into grad school, the first thing that comes to mind when I hear the word “proposal” is “thesis proposal”. This brings up entirely different images of committee members, presentations, literature reviews, stats, and research. However, one thing remains constant. Afterwards, if you’re successful, there’s definitely some champagne.

I’m guessing that the latter form of “proposal” will be in my life before the former so to tide all of us over until our diamonds arrive, here’s a great piece by InStyle magazine on Royal Engagement Rings. As expected, Princess Grace’s outshines them all. I also find this to be a lesson in being a lady – it’s a huge diamond, but your eyes are drawn to her first and then the diamond, i.e. she wears the diamond, the diamond doesn’t wear her and it takes one amazing woman to pull one over 12+carats.


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