8 Nov


Thank you to all of my lovely readers! Today, my site had its 500th hit/read. I don’t know if this is a good timeframe for that or not but I am THRILLED because I have only been around for less than a month.

Looking at my stats, I see that most of you I don’t know – but you have found me via twitter, the TA facebook page, or through various tags. One of you even found me by looking up “Rachel Zoe Pregnant” on google – don’t know how that works but thanks for clicking!

My first goal is to reach another 500 hits in 2 weeks. So, please help me out, subscribe, spread the word, follow me on twitter for updates, etc.

My big goal is to get to 100 subscribers by December of this year (easy considering the amount of people I have been receiving per day). If I do, then I might have a little giveaway up my sleeve for all subscribers, who knows 😉

So, please give me some feedback, subscribe and THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I am happy that you care and that you feel my blog is worth sharing your day with. I’ll be sure to remain an active poster!




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