Maintaining your motivation – Part I

7 Nov

So I received this question from one of my readers and have been mulling over it for awhile. At first, I felt like a kid in a candy story – there are so many possibilities. But then, I realized that I can’t have one-on-one sessions with all of you and that finding a one size fits all plan for maintaining motivation when your workout program turns old is actually quite a challenge.

I have decided to tackle this in a series of posts, using your feedback to know what direction I should continue in so please keep your comments and messages coming.

My first tip, is to write it all down. Why are you working out? What do you love about it? What got you started on it? Appearance reasons will only get you so far — i.e. until your results start to plateau. So write it all down, give me your feedback. And in the meantime, while you still have your motivation, take all of these reasons and write them out in a letter to yourself that you will post on your wall for when your motivation starts to wane. You know yourself best – what would you have to hear?

Also, ditch the scale and get a tape measure. When working out for weight loss, you will likely reach a point when the numbers on the scale start going down or even go up as you build muscle. Keeping an eye on your measurements will likely help because as long as you are working out you will probably see changes in your body shape. Also, get a full fit test before you start working out: body fat composition, VO2 max, etc. and then make an appointment for when your program will be done – this way there is always something to work towards and a final test at the end to keep you going. Finally, use your body and search for signals. The numbers might have stopped going down but can you now walk more and walk up flights of stairs? Are you more energetic? Less depressed, anxious, and stressed?

So write it all out and give me some feedback – look for more later!


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