My version of rez food (or why you now have no excuse to compromise on quality)

1 Nov

When living on your own, in university and on a budget, I know how tempting it can be to eat poorly. It can also be tempting to abuse your taste buds with horrible food. If you have to eat it should be good, tasty, enjoyable food – which doesn’t mean having to compromise on health or emptying your bank account.

Today, I thought I would share my version of a light, simple, easily prepared (i.e. 5 min) gourmet-type dinner that I put together in my rez room for the cost of a cheap fast food meal.

The picture:

The menu:

Olive ciabbatta bread (my favourite! from Premiere Moisson in Montreal but available at my local supermarket), olive oil and balsamic, goat cheese, sliced tomato, rosemary, leftover roasted veggies, bowl of fresh blackberries for dessert

The price (estimates, divided up into portions):

Bread ($1.00), Goat Cheese ($0.50),  sliced tomato ($0.25), fresh rosemary  ($0.20), leftover roasted veggies (price belongs to last night’s meal but to be fair it should come to about $1), blackberries ($1.00) = $3.95 (NOTE: I did not add the price of the olive oil and balsamic because these inexpensive bottles have already lasted me two months so the price of the tsp in this meal is negligible.)

I might be delusional but it is my opinion that that is a great price for a full dinner that is also heavenly!

People should buy their food like they buy their clothes: always have your staples (bread, carrots, herbs, tomatoes, olive oil, balsamic), when luxuries (yellow peppers, goat cheese, blackberries) are on sale – go for it, and allow yourself the occasional splurge (not present in this meal).

Hope this got your juices flowing on inexpensive, healthy, and tasty meal options. This was my version of rez food and it thankfully only took 5 min to make, meaning that it took no time away from my homework or the soccer game I’m going to tonight!

Do you have any great, inexpensive meal ideas?


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