November Vogue Covers

25 Oct

November Paris Vogue:

October Vogue Italia (couldn’t find November):

November American Vogue:


I’ll give you mine….American Vogue needs to wake up!

The Paris Vogue has a boho 70s vibe to it – promising some intrigue, developing some interest, and as we all know, there is always something risque or just a little bit questionable to cause discussion. Also, the cover image, while reminding us of previous covers isn’t recycling anything current.

Vogue Italia is simple, all about the fashion – just the way we want it.

American Vogue is giving us another actress (remember? October was Carey Mulligan, September was Halle Berry, etc. – where are the models?). This time, Anne Hathaway, who looks beautiful but whom I would hardly put on the level of Charlotte Gainsbourg, Alice Dellal, etc who would grace the pages of Paris Vogue with their trendsetting, cool ways. Anne Hathaway has never cut it for me, she delivers nothing original. Flipping through at the store, I noticed that her pictures were all images we have seen before. How many times has an actress (again, unsuccessfully) attempted to channel Audrey Hepburn? Her Maxim’s shots and especially the stairwell shot look like they just came out of Gigi. (I’m not going to even get onto the topic of the big red ballgown she’s wearing on the cover…NEVER seen that before – please note the sarcasm!!)

Where is the originality? That pop in the magazine that will make us take note, that will trendset, that will provide a reference for generations to come on the fashion of the day. Unfortunately, it’s not there. The clothes are just pretty, the models are all the same, the covers are all actresses promoting films. American Vogue – give us back the edge!

I am reminded of my favourite scene from one of my favourite movies: Funny Face. Kay Thompson plays an Anna Wintour type (but with some warmth, singing, dancing, and comedy) editor of Quality magazine. Which stands in for Vogue in the movie as the benchmark for women’s fashion. Sitting at her desk, addressing her secretaries, she laments the current issue for being “D for Down, D for Dull, D for Dreary, and Depressing”. She searches for a new idea and comes up with it: Think Pink! She ends up changing all of society’s dressing. Addressing this new trend to “Women everywhere”. Maybe Wintour should give her magazine a D, think of something new, get everyone excited. When that happens, I will kick up my heels and do the dancing for her.

Kay Thompson, addressing “Women everywhere”:


2 Responses to “November Vogue Covers”

  1. sarah November 12, 2010 at 5:50 PM #

    Love your blog c 🙂 agreed on this post!

    • C November 12, 2010 at 5:55 PM #


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