California/Beverly Hills (Tree) Dreamin’

25 Oct

Good morning everyone!

One of my favourite places in the world (well, the little that I’ve seen of it) is Los Angeles. More specifically, Beverly Hills. I have been very Beverly-Hills sick for the past few days: dreaming of palm trees, drinks at the Polo Lounge, the hot sun on the deck of the Beverly Hilton pool, etc. I am hoping to put a 48 hours in LA post together soon but in the meantime I just wanted to post a thought on Beverly Hills… particular, the trees.

“WHAT?” You ask. “She’s gone CRAZY!!!”

Not really. Any of you who have visited Beverly Hills would have to have noticed how peculiar the trees are in the neighbourhood: they’re white and clean. Sitting here, looking out from my window, I see the beautiful Fall colours of maple leaf trees but all I want to see are the tall, majestic, white trees of Beverly Hills (preferably while sitting under them with a pastry from “Il Fornaio” in my hand and coffee from the “The Coffee Bean“). In their song, Beverly Hills, Weezer sings” Look at all those movie stars / They’re all so beautiful and clean / When the housemaids scrub the floors / They get the spaces in between. ”

I feel like the trees feel a need to fall in line. How DARE something in Beverly Hills not be up to code and be dirty! I have these visions of someone cleaning the trees, scrubbing them until all the bark comes off and they’re spotless. Either way, they’re beautiful!

So that is my random thought of the day! You can tell that you really miss a place when you start thinking about their trees but I definitely do have a love for nature (or, the nature that provides lovely shade while having a picnic or that can be observed tic-and-bug-free while sitting in your car). One could probably find these trees elsewhere, but in Beverly Hills my mind is primed for beauty.

More later! In the meantime, let’s sing it together: “Beverly Hills / That’s where I want to beee” – Weezer


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