Day 4 – Turning your workout into a performance

24 Oct


Congrats on making it past the three day hump! How did it feel? Was it as bad as Tracy said or was it easier. I must admit that this time, as I am not following the diet plan, I was a bit sore but didn’t feel any emptiness in my head/have any trouble functioning as I did last time when I was following her plan.

Anyways, day 4 has arrived and today I wanted to focus on something TA has said often and that I really identify with: the idea of your workout being a performance (i.e. putting everything you have into it). This is something that I have used with the athlete’s I work with. The quote I gave them last week was: “Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.” – Vince Lombardi

I really love that idea. So many people think that by just working out they will get results. However, that is not the case; one must be fully engaged in their workout both body and mind.

In this spirit, I have an assignment to help all of you get through your workout today! Think of the quote and what it means to you, and then think of a word that will define your workout performance today. Some suggestions of words are: strength/strong, mindful, engaged, power, joy, success, etc. Then really try to embody these words while working out/performing.

I have had a request from a reader on how to follow through and keep motivated when you reach the plateau phase and I will be putting something together on that for all of you.

Have a great afternoon, and remember our workout date at 6PM EST!


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