Tracy Anderson 30 Day Method – A Sport and Exercise Psychology take

20 Oct

Good afternoon,

I have been a bit of a Tracy Anderson devotee for some time now. However, my first attempt at her new 30 day plan fell through as a result of my having no idea how to balance exercise and full days in an office studying and working. Now, I feel that I have a handle on it and that having all of you to keep me accountable will be great.

I might as well be upfront at this point and say that my master’s is in sport and exercise psychology. I am learning how to help people accomplish their goals, be active and successful. I am going to be using all the tools on myself (well, as well as one can counsel themselves) as if I were one of my athletes and sharing them with you so you can be successful too (note that sport and exercise psychology is ruled by many individual differences so every aspect might not work for you, also I have to put in a disclaimer that you follow everything at your own free will and that I am only in the process of completing steps to be licensed – ethics can be annoying but now that I put that in, let’s move on!).

The first thing that I would make any client do is write out a proper goal so here is mine:

To complete the 30 day Tracy Anderson workout. I will do this by planning out my week and scheduling my days in advance and cooking my food on weekends. I will work out every day immediately upon my return from classes (and will schedule this in my day book just as I would a class or an appointment) and will turn off my cell phone and close my door during this period so that I will not be interrupted.

(notice that a proper goal statement uses no negative words or phrases, and is SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely)

One thing I had trouble with last time was the diet. I eat healthily already but the food amounts were just too small and left me unable to function. Because I already eat well and am not looking for radical results (only about 3-5 lbs), I will not be following the diet plan but will follow the exercise plan.

Would anyone like to join me? We start tomorrow evening! Wish me luck. A great way to be successful is to have others to be accountable to – post your intentions in the comment section or send me a message and we can follow together throughout the 30 days. If you’re in the Eastern time zone, we have a date at 6pm tomorrow starting with the mat and then cardio!

Stay tuned tomorrow for a post on my first day of the TA method and a post on personal style in your office space.

Get excited!


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