Buona Sera!

19 Oct

I would love to be flippant and eccentric, jumping into this blog with a real post on my thoughts, leaving the idea of what this will all be about to all of you (if there will be any of you!). However, at the end of the day, I am someone whose life currently revolves around research articles, class presentations, and organization so that requires that I provide some level of explanation of what this blog is though the ideas will develop over time.

I am an early 20 something female with a love of all things fashion and luxury who has recently moved to a Canadian border town that has been hard hit by the economic recession. What keeps me going is the love for my master’s program and subject (a social science), as well as the thought of eventually moving on to a city more of my liking that I identify with. (read “identify with” as implying that splits of bubbly are readily available, pastry shops are within walking distance, and I am not out of place toting my Rebecca Minkoff bag and reading a European Vogue on the bus as I am here)

I have recently overcome 8 years of illness and am also trying to figure out who I am as a healthy individual. But enough about the sad stuff….the rest you will discover with me!

Ciao! xoxo


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