A month behind, still a breath of fresh air

19 Oct

I remember when I used to go shopping in Europe, it used to be fun comparing the styles from country to country and from there to home. I remember that Italy always seemed to get the runway fashion first, followed by France then the UK, and then about a year later they would show up in Western Canada. Now, my home city is a lot more international and gets some fashion pretty quickly (thanks to the machinations of Zara which manages to get clothes from the runway to your store in no time).

Here in my adopted (for the next 18 months and counting) city, fashion is limited. Nevertheless, I was shocked to walk into the university bookstore on my first day and find three copies of Paris Vogue on the magazine stand. Formidable! I have learned that the copies always come in a month late but I don’t care. They only get the three issues so I thought I had to rush but it ends up that they only ever sell two. I was so happy to see them and have just recently picked up my September issue.

Flipping through the issue, it was like a breath of fresh air. I was no longer in the slums of a flailing industrial town, instead I was attending fabulous parties while adorned in precious jewels, transported into beautiful, risqué photo shoots, gaining inspiration by the second. This was a beautiful issue and I don’t know whether I have the heart to start tearing out the pages in order to style my room and inspire my closet (more on that in a later post). This latest issue made me hungry for more and I am impatient for the Anniversary issue, waking up at night in a cold sweat at the thought of walking into the bookstore next month and being told that their carrying it won’t be cost effective. If it must be done, please, please, PLEASE wait until AFTER the anniversary issue.

In the meantime, I get my daily fix at a site I am sure you all know well: www.garancedore.fr/ I love her stylings, creativity, and the little vacation she provides each day. I highly suggest her articles on the Masquerade Ball held in honour of the Paris Vogue anniversary during Paris Fashion Week. One quote from her article brought home all that I feel life should be and it is a pleasant, dreamy thought that I would like to leave you all with for tonight:

“It was the ideal party where every age mixed, where the temperature was always perfect, where the champagne was cold and never far, where you had enough space to dance, or find yourself alone in a comfy corner. Yes, it still exists. Like a dream. It’s rare, but it exists.” (The Masquerade Ball, III – Crystal & Me, Garance Doré)

Bonne nuit, mes amis. A demain!


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